My passion for the past 22+ years has been connecting with audiences. Bringing encouragement, insight and stories from my own journey with the ultimate hope they will be inspired and motivated in their own life. I’m excited to share simple strategies, tools and skills that have revolutionized my own life and continue to help me in this journey.

I speak in many different venues to all ages.

I’m in this life right alongside you and my simple goal is to provide you encouragement in your journey. Whether or not you have similar interests or pursuits, what I have to share can be life-changing in your personal life and endeavors. Life is hard and beautiful and what we make of it is up to us. 

Through stories and humor I connect and share of my own journey as can relate to your own. I love painting and illustrating ideas and concepts that people can ‘get’. Seeing other thrive and find fulfillment and meaning in their lives is the most rewarding. 

I'd be honored to talk to you. Just let me know what you are thinking and would like to discuss and we’ll connect.

My best! Mark Ludy