New Site!

New Site!

Busy week ahead with school visits as I'm off to 3.

Fairmont Elementary

Revere Elementary

Julesburg Elementary

I Love speaking in schools and the opportunity to encourage and inspire young and old alike.

Just Launched new Site

Might not be the most amazing or even noticeable thing, but I had a company take my site over almost a year ago and... well, it wasn't long that I realized my sales were down. It looked good on a number of fronts but I missed very much as my backbone. I was with Shopify and it just wasn't even close to the versatilty and depth of BigCommerce. SO... the last week all I have done is work on the site. I'm not a web developer but merely a hack on these things... but these people work with what you got and I'm very pleased to be back. I think, if you noticed... its just EASY to get around... more straightforward... not many bells and whistles at first glance... but man... happy!


I'm hopeful to share more through the site the workings and the projects and what I'm up to. Having a built in blog I think will be good - rather then the passing moments of FaceBook. I'll continue to post as I remember to - but I think this will be uncluttered and strictly what is going on with my work.