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Protect the Base!

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This is an Open Edition by Mark Ludy

"We were at a restaurant waiting for our food to arrive. I looked closer at what my boys were drawing and i had to chuckle... THATS WHAT I USED TO DRAW! Epic battle scenes - but I was sure I'd never talked to them about this - much less shown them any of what I used to do... ,  must be in the DNA of little boys. So I said, "alrighty, lets get a new napkin and why don't you build a base and protect it... because something is coming for it!" and that is how this illustration emerged - us drawing together something very special and hilarious. After the napkin drawing was complete- I looked at it and thought... "THAT would be one cool piece of art!" and thus... 'Protect the Base!' was created. (the tank is an exact replica of my son's drawing of it)" - Mark Ludy


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