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Mark Ludy is a dynamic communicator and has been a regular speaker over the last 20 years -speaking to all ages, to businesses, universities, families and students everywhere. His natural ability as a story teller keeps his audiences spellbound and engaged. His unique brand of humor and comedic timing, coupled with heart, content, encouragement and inspiration always makes for a memorable and meaningful time.

His books, which have circled the globe, first opened the doors to his speaking. His insights garnered from starting his own publishing house purely on grit and dime have provided invaluable insight into what it takes to succeed and how to press on past failure. His own struggles and journey he candidly shares allowing for his audiences to relate and introspectively evaluate their own lives. He is unique as a speaker in that he lives in the creative trenches day in and day out, marrying that with marketing, business, family and faith. Because of his involvement in the whole spectrum of the creative process his insight is worth hearing. You will be refreshed, inspired and challenged in the most beautiful way.

Feel free to reach out to Mark in order to have him speak at your next venue. - It’ll be the best decision of the year.

For Questions or a Quote, simply CALL: 970-556-3740 or EMAIL: markludy@me.com

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