Moonlit Dance / Limited Edition of 50

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This is an illustration that when I set out to create the wordless book of Noah I was set on doing. He was 500 when God asked him to build the ark. "I want you, your wife, your sons and their wives..." - 500 years old - he and his wife had no children! It was 2 years after God instructed Noah that Shem was born. then Ham and Japheth. - 500 years old and he and wife had no children... I can imagine their relationship  was very special.

The Bible speaks of him as a 'Preacher of Righteousness'... The scene prior to this one we see him carrying on with the crowd watching him build this bohemoth boat. A boat not till the Titanic was anything larger. And... we no it had never rained. You can imagine what people were thinking - BRILLIANT and amazing what he has undertaken... but what a MADMAN! a fool." You know Noah would even know their thoughts and how he must look. But... for the fact God had spoken to him....

I know when I get rattled by the opinions of others I sometimes will go into my work and can, unfortunately sulk. But this scene... You know his wife is thinking, "Buddy, you got a 100 years to make this thing... the least you could do is be home for dinner! You KNOW she's mad. But she chooses in this moment to bring out his meal - up to an upper deck she brings it. And when he sees her... when he sees her.. he drops everything and knows and sees what really matters. - And her we have the 'Moonlit Dance'.

This is a limited of 50 each signed and numbered.

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