Lil' Fella Drinking Coffee / Original Watercolor

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Original Watercolor by Mark Ludy created November 2021.

As many know, there is a mouse that is in each of my books- hidden. He is in most all of my art. His name is Squeakers. Just recently I was toying with taking my little grey mouse and caricaturizing him into a character. This was play for me and still am doing different renditions of what he could look like. For now, this is just a cute lil' fella first drawn in pencil then watercolor on a 9x12" watercolor paper. It will be shipped (protected of course) on the loose sheet (in other words, not framed.)

I expect I'll be releasing more of this character in other scenes and such... as I see a bit of vision for what could be with playing out this idea. For now... here is the first rendition brought to color.

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