I'm honored that you would be interested in having my art as a part of your life.

For a limited time, I'm offering a unique opportunity that allows for you to come into my studio, sit beside me as I create a piece of art for you. This would be by Zoom and would be recorded and the recording made available to you after our time together. You'll be able to discuss and talk with me as your art is being created. (the 'Experience'). And then, after the art is complete you get the art! (the 'Original') - Thus... 'The Original Experience'.

Please contact me (below) so we can set up a time to discuss what, specifically, you are interested in me creating for you.


A Recorded Session is an hour long and is $199*

*If your work is digitally created and you want it printed, put on canvas, framed, etc., this will be extra charge. S&H of any physical art, such as pen and ink, watercolors, etc. will be extra as well. If a 1/2 session is wanted or needed in conjunction with the initial, that will be 1/2 the price.