The Creative Journey

The Creative Journey

So you are going to climb a mountain you say? And not just any mountain - THAT mountain! The tallest and most majestic of the bunch. - But why that mountain? All you know is THAT mountain 'calls to you'. It calls you by name and says, "Come!" You can only imagine what it's like at the peak. The views! And just the sheer accomplishment it would be to you -fills you with excitement. Yet... there is a dawning reality to this... you've never before climbed such a mountain nor taken such a journey. But you know you need to do this.

When you dared to share this dream you've been ridiculed or placated with, "That's wonderful dear!" but you knew they weren't believers and doubted. The worst came from the voice within - questioning you, chastising you - saying you don't have what it takes.

I've been where you are. I've climbed my own mountains and still taking on the next. I've learned often the hard way and have discovered that the worst enemy, found in myself, could become my most trusted friend. I 'get' the call of the mountain and believe when such a call comes - to respond and act is the greatest decision one can make. But I also know that taking an unknown path all alone is daunting. The mountain that calls you - you can be assured will provide impassable ravines and insurmountable obstacles. The journey to the mountain's peak will take everything you've got. The mountain will not move for you nor make it easy. Its unapologetic in its nature and allows only to the top those who've earned it.

Many boast about the journey to the mountain and what they will do - but I've learned most turn back just after they get past the gate. I believe your journey can be different. I've TASTED it and I can tell you that the journey is worth the pain, all the suffering, all the hardship - it's worth it.

Your mountain has your name on it and its only something you can climb. But I want to cheer you on. I am willing to walk along side you miles at a time. I understand the thinking that causes us us to want to throw in the towel and turn back. Or sometimes worse, take shortcuts that lead to ruin. We will eventually have the thought that its impossible ...But its not. Where there is a will there is a way and I know it will be worth it for you.

This is your journey and I'm here to help.

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