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Release Date: Expected release date is Nov 29th 2023

’Birdie’s Field Guide’ is a heartwarming story all about a little girl who discovers the wonder of birds. You’ll be captivated by her own drawings and sketches within the pages and journey with her to the coast, mountains, city, marshes - and all across this land. Within her drawings you’ll note that these are real birds found here in North America and within your own backyard.

The joy for me is to create a book that serves to tell a inspiring story all while sparking curiosity and wonder to our natural world. The book’s ending will warm your heart and you’ll find the unique setup of the book mesmerizing and one to get lost within.

I'm expecting to have this book in hand in late November. The project is completely funded and its just now trying to hit the deadlines all while assuring a phenomenal and memorable book.

Some notes about the work.

Its a wordless picture story except for when peeking into Birdie’s sketchbook - as there you will see her notes and names of the birds. (I’ve always enjoyed sketchbooks where ideas are thrown down - usually never meant to be seen by other eyes. And that is what will be really intriguing in this work)

Its a genuine Field Guide of North American Birds. Over 100 distinct birds will be captured and illustrated so young and old birders alike will be able to truly identify them. Let it be noted that its not meant to be an authoritative resource but one that derived from those resources. Its simply meant to inspire young and old to ’look’ at the wonder that surrounds us all in these amazing creatures! 

This book was inspired by Miranda, my wife’s own experience and her passion for birds. Its in conjunction with her and her hilarious sense of humor that this book is being created.

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